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Empower a woman.
Equip a Child.
Give the gift of education
and tools for life.

Who We Are

Our Mission:

To build resilience in livelihood, food, and nutritional security in resource-constrained communities through youth agricultural education, smallholder farmer advancement,
and leadership development.

What We Do

Field of Hope is a Christian non-profit dedicated to agricultural education and extension. Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda and developing countries across the globe, yet most involved in agriculture have received a low quality education about the processes and materials required to produce enough food for themselves and their families. That’s where Field of Hope steps in.

Get Involved

Field of Hope believes in life transformation for both the people we work with and for the people who would like to partner
with us. If you would like to share your time, your talent, or your treasure, please contact us and let us know in which area
you would like to be involved.


Dedicate a few hours a month, or maybe even a few days out of the year to help us get our word out and generate support for our farmers and students!


We are always looking for skilled and qualified volunteers to help us bring advanced agricultural and educational knowledge to the friends and families we serve in Uganda.


There are a variety of ways you can partner with us. We are honored to accept monetary donations or approved tangible donations.


Not sure how you can contribute today? Talk to God about His plan for you and Field of Hope and tell your family and friends about our mission and our work!

Current Programs

Field of Hope works to achieve our mission through three pillars: Youth Agricultural Education, Smallholder Farmer Advancement, and Leadership Development. Through these pillars, we feel that we reach audiences of every generation and every walk of life. From there, we are dedicated to standing with individuals and groups to advance agriculture and impact their lives.

Youth Agricultural Education

We hope to equip the next generation of agriculturists in developing countries with the skills and abilities to successfully operate their agricultural enterprises.

Smallholder Farmer Advancement

Field of Hope is working to educate and encourage smallholder farmers in northern Uganda through agricultural
and financial means.


Leadership Development

Field of Hope recognizes that we ourselves cannot change the world, but together with other invested partners, we believe we can create transformation and have
a lasting positive impact.

Current News

Growing up, whenever my siblings and I left for school, my mom would always tell us to “work hard, get smart.” After she dropped me off at the airport and I began my travel journey to Uganda, I kept that

It is quite easy to under-rate the work you do and water down the achievements you make because most times we focus on “how” big the outcome is. Over time, I have appreciated that fulfillment comes in different ways-be it

We are excited to welcome Hunter Adkins to the Field of Hope family as our newest fellow! With a strong foundation in faith and a passion for agriculture, Hunter is eager to contribute to our mission of empowering communities through

We are delighted to introduce Meikah Dado, our newest addition to the Field of Hope family! With a passion for equitable agricultural education and a heart for empowering women in agriculture, Meikah embodies the values and vision of our organization.

Field of Hope could not be more excited to introduce Kaitlin, the newest addition to the Board! With her unwavering passion for faith, agriculture, and education, Kaitlin brings a unique blend of experiences and expertise that perfectly aligns with our

What is it?  Harvest Money Expo Conference is Uganda’s biggest agriculture and agribusiness annual exhibition event that always takes place at Kololo Independence Ground in Kampala. The event is organized annually by Vision Group in partnership with Embassy of the

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