Adventures in Agriculture: A Trip Long in the Making

The time has finally come, I’m in Uganda! I have preparing for this trip since I first started my graduate program at Oklahoma State a year and a half ago.

Prior to this trip, I was often asked, “Why Africa?” or “Why Uganda?”. Over time, I have realized there have been many different parts that God has perfectly pieced together in my journey to the Pearl of Africa.

I have always had this desire to travel to Africa, I think it dates to before I was a twinkle in my father’s eye. My parents honeymooned in Kenya in 1989 and that has always been a part of my parents’ story that I have deeply admired. While I’m here for much different reasons, it is almost exactly 30 years later I’m one country over to the west. In many ways my parents have inspired me to go on this trip but mostly, they have always encouraged me to work towards my goals. I would also like to think my childhood dog named Jambo (hello greeting in Swahili) was part of my inspiration, too.

Katie’s parents in Kenya on their honeymoon thirty years ago. 

There have been many attempts to travel to Africa throughout my undergrad – for various reasons they just never worked out – but none of those would have been to Uganda or with an organization like Field of Hope. My first two weeks in Uganda have shown me why God saying “no” to your plans just means He has something better in store for you.

I am very fortunate to get to be in a country where God is so present, as well as intern for an agricultural and faith-based organization. Field of Hope’s mission is to work towards empowering people through agriculture to gain sustainable solutions towards food security. In my first two weeks, I was also fortunate enough to be accompanied by a team of people that have challenged my way of thinking and inspired me with their passion for agriculture and education.

I am so excited to meet more amazing people and to see what work God has planned for me in these next few months.

Maybe one day I can inspire someone of the next generation to travel to east Africa through having a dog name Apwoyo (hello greeting in Uganda’s local language of Luo).


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