Adventures in Agriculture: Red Dirt Roads

When you think of red dirt roads you might start to hum the tune of a good old country song. For me, this tune changed. Now, when I think of red dirt roads, many images flash through my mind: a friendly ‘hello’ as I walk down a washed-out red dirt road, little shops scattered around, making a curb where there is not one, on the side of a red dirt road, hearing the little patter of feet behind me as a small girl joins me on a jog down a red dirt road, or laughing mid-conversation because a bump on a red dirt road has sent my companion a foot into the air. But, what has impacted me the most so far are the conversations and relationships I have built as I have journeyed down these red dirt roads.

One of my first thoughts when traveling down one of these roads was to wonder why no one has fixed it yet. My Western mindset is to value efficiency and ease and these roads certainly do not offer that. So maybe you are wondering, what these roads do have to offer? For me they offer friendship, laughter, a smile and conversations that have left me knowing the heart of my Creator just a little bit more.

My fear coming into this season of life in a different country, with a different culture and many different languages was that I would feel lonely, but I forgot about one important thing that we would have in common: Jesus.

The Ugandan staff all have a heart to serve the Lord and have shown me what it looks like to be in relationship with Him. Prayer is one of Field of Hopes core values. This was clear the moment I stepped into the country. Each day as we got into the van we prayed for our day. The longer I spend with this organization, the more I can see that the Lord is directing our path. I think a big part of this is simply because prayer is being put first. Now when I travel down these roads, I can rejoice in all of the sweet gifts the Lord has given me.


By: Lindsey Thompson, Fellow 2022


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