Adventures in Agriculture: The Future

I have been in Uganda for about two months now and have had the privilege of visiting over 1000 students and over 40 schools. During all of these schools visits I have seen joyful students excited to learn about agriculture. I have heard many stories of students who have taken what they have learned back home. To help their own family or to implement their own agriculture program. I wrote a poem to better express what I have seen during these visits:

The Future

Student after student

Face after face

A joy so bright

That it filled the whole place


Lessons learned every day

Teachers show their students grace

Its easy to see

How great a place

It is to learn

And find their way


A way to change the future

Even their life today

By taking what they learn

And not letting it stay

Just inside their heads

But letting it change

the world around them

knowing that agriculture

will never be the same


Student after student

Face after face

The future of agriculture

Here in this place

By: Lindsey Thompson, Fellow 2022

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