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‘Tis the Season for Giving

Christmas is often referred to as ‘the season for giving’, and who would we rather give to than our family and friends? I would like to use the acronym GIFTS to help you consider who else you might help this
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God is With Us: A 2020 Review

Matthew 1:23 ESV “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call His name Immanuel” (which means God with us). Prior to Jesus’ coming, the Jews were looking for the long-awaited Messiah to deliver them from
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A Tribute to Dan Strempke

It was the fall of 2013.  Field of Hope was a very small nonprofit, but we had made the commitment to bring Agnes Obote from Uganda to the US to take part in the WomenReach events at several John Deere
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Learning Through Leadership: The Story of Nicholas Ssebalamu

In June 2019, Nicholas had just completed his bachelor’s degree. While his peers were looking for full-time employment, Nicholas stumbled upon a Field of Hope blog and reached out regarding an internship. “The Spirit of God instructed me to contact
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Financial Freedom: The Story of Sylvia Emar

Before the Field of Hope’s Women’s Program, Sylvia remembers life being very difficult. She had little knowledge of how to improve her farm and limited ability to borrow money, as most lenders need securities and have significantly long processing times.
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Education Empowers Entrepreneurship: The Story of Okuja Jeremiah

At just 19 years old, Okuja Jeremiah has transformed his life. Once a student having to postpone his education due to lack of tuition funds, Jeremiah now funds himself and his siblings’ schooling because of his agricultural business innovations through
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A Tribute to Carol Higgins

“We currently don’t teach agriculture to our secondary students at Otino Waa, but we would like to launch an agriculture class for those students, and we think you should teach that class since you are a John Deere retiree.”  I
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Indeed, there is Hope: COVID19 Teacher Salary Relief

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck the whole world, Africa as a continent was not left out. Facing the peril of the deadly disease with many sectors of the economy feeling its bite, education, not spared. The Ugandan government decrees to
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iganga ISAG

ISA Grants Creating Enthusiasm for Agriculture Education in Uganda

Agriculture is very important in Uganda, often referred to as the “back-bone” of the county’s economy, contributing on average 22% of the national GDP and employing 72% of the active population. Despite that fact, agriculture education has not been a
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