Brian Harvey Hogue – Volunteer Story

Brian Harvey Hogue is a Field of Hope volunteer. This is his story.

“The more you fill that bucket with desire, responsibility, fulfillment and service, the more you realize the bucket seems to be growing exponentially faster.”

Brian grew up on a farm in Arizona, and turned that appreciation for agriculture into an entrepreneurial career in agriculture and agricultural services. Currently, he owns Arable Media, an agricultural communications multimedia production company. Brian chose to volunteer with FOH because he believes in the people and the mission, but the people of Uganda left a lasting impact on him.

“I will never forget the voices of young girls singing as they used a hoe to dig up sweet potatoes from the ground at Restoration Gateway,” Brian said. “It seemed like the noise of the digging and the breaths the girls had to muster between singing loudly made it sound more genuine, more beautiful and more hopeful. I hope I never forget that moment.”

Brian saw passion and commitment in the people he served, and found meaning in the garden rows and classrooms that make the FOH landscape. “Hearing and watching the student’s hunger for knowledge about farming was so moving. They take the idea of feeding their country as a responsibility but not a burden, as an opportunity but not a choice,” he said. “It was striking to me. I am not sure what I expected them to think about agriculture but their approach and feelings towards it was unique and almost seemed to contradict the way I feel we might look at agriculture here in the US.”

Join us as we change the way the world looks at agriculture.

This is Brian’s story. What will yours be?

PC: Tobin Redwine

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