It’s been a full month of work at our new physical address in Uganda!

For the last few months that I have been part of the Field of Hope team, there’s been one question I have hated to answer from those we have visited or shared with about FOH: “Where is your office located?”

Is it a bad question? Of course not. However a response such as, “We have no physical office…..” earns an eventual interruption intended to challenge your authenticity or credibility. This is usually followed by loss of attention, and a facial expression of dissatisfaction is guaranteed.

Like a stamp, Ugandans attach great respect and honor to a physical address of any business or organization. Most Ugandans believe a stamp and an office differentiate genuine entities from fake ones (of course this is not always the case). Therefore, an office is one thing we have all wished to acquire for Field of Hope. We are so excited that our prayers have been answered!

During our mid-year team meeting with the Program Manager, a Field of Hope office was our only request. The day Alexa communicated approval by the Board to get an office space was a day full of excitement and joy among all the Ugandan staff members!

I now remember the days when we all moved out to hunt for a space: the great team work, coordination and smiles on each and every face communicated the relief the decision by the board had brought.

With God’s grace, an office space was acquired and paid by Field of Hope. We didn’t move in immediately due to lack of logistics, so we waited and waited until the day we would move in and work in our new home! Do you all remember that long wait for Christmas during childhood?? Time can pass slowly, but then BOOOOM suddenly the day comes!!! You all know that joy!


January 2020 we officially set foot in our new home!! The long wait finally come to an end, great thanks to our Lord! Our new office space will help the whole team in planning, coordination and implementation of Field of Hope projects through the various programs. The new space will reinforce our reputation when reaching out to all potential partners in Uganda!

Okullu Walter, the Field of Hope Country Coordinator, mentioned that “the new office space will give the organization identity and value, enhance organization activities and team building in addition to providing safe working environment and logistic storage for the organization.”

Obote Agnes, Program Coordinator, shared in joy: “I am excited that Field of Hope has been able to acquire office space, it will make coordination of activities and our locating very easy.”

For the past few weeks, our work has been excellent and we look forward to a more complete and stocked work environment. We ask that you join us in furnishing the space so that we can accomplish the work of developing knowledge and enthusiasm about agriculture properly!

Kind regards,


FOH Program Associate

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