Lacey Roberts – Volunteer Story

Lacey Roberts is a Field of Hope Volunteer. This is her story.

“I wanted to stay in that moment forever, but in the same breath I realized that I have a great responsibility.”

Lacey joined a FOH team while she was already in Uganda as part of a fellowship through Oklahoma State University’s Master of International Agriculture Program (MIAP). Her collaboration with FOH reaffirmed that we all can have a role in impacting people, and feel impact in return. “During my week with FOH, I learned that I had a part to play, no matter how small, in making a difference,” Lacey said. “I learned that I am working in the right field of agriculture, that it matches my heart’s desires and my God-given skills. I honestly learned that I am braver than I give myself credit for, and that I still have so much more growing to do as a career woman and a human being.”

Lacey saw international agricultural development in action, and shared how FOH makes good on their stewardship mission. “I was able to visit many donation areas and see first-hand how students and classrooms are using donated drip systems to apply agricultural lessons learned in the classroom,” She said. “Through education and empowerment, FOH is working towards a stronger future for Uganda, and that is something I like to stand behind.”

Ultimately, every FOH volunteer takes away genuine and authentic passion for the people they meet, and the connection they share. “I continue to think about those children I met and laughed with,” Lacey said. “I hope that as they grow they are met with a world that is improved and ready for all the discoveries they will make”

Join us as we meet Lacey’s call for an improved and ready world.

This is Lacey’s story. What will yours be?

PC: Tobin Redwine

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