Local Talent Development

Are you a Ugandan National that is passionate about making a difference in your community?

Do you have a desire to develop your professional skills while contributing to impactful projects in agriculture? Our Local Talent Development program is looking for dedicated Ugandan volunteers and interns to join our team in the Lira Office. 


About the Program

Personal and Professional Growth

Field of Hope is committed to fostering local talent and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Volunteers and interns will work closely with our team, assisting in one of our core pillars and gain valuable hands-on experience in agriculture. this is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to meaningful agricultural projects and develop skills that will benefit your future career.

Full-time Position

Participants will need to move up to the Lira during the duration of their fellowship. It is a full-time position with a minimum service of one month. 

Application Process 

While we only accept applications for positions once a year, we accept applications on a rolling basis and positions are filled as applications are received. To apply, please complete the following steps: 

Why Join Field of Hope? 

This school year we invite you to a beautiful opportunity that is timeliness and holds the chance to impact hundreds – the opportunity to sponsor an agricultural class in Uganda. In 2019, Field of Hope trained 163 teachers from 133 across Uganda. Over 62,000 students were impacted last year which adds to our over 140,000 students that have been affected by this program! We are gearing up to award five $1,000 grants to five different schools. The best part? There is a desire for EVEN MORE! To meet that demand, we are inviting you to join us.

Professional Growth:

During the duration of the position, Field of Hope aims to assist you with your professional development and personal goals. Upon completion of your program, you will have tangible examples of what you can do in the field, assistance in completing your resume, CV, letter of interest, etc., and a team that is committed to helping you succeed wherever you choose to go after this program. 

Community Impact:

You will be working with communities that are focused on developing their agricultural skills and developing their own entrepreneurship experience. These communities that we are working with have been identified as areas that are in most need of assistance. 

Networking Opportunities:

As you complete this opportunity, we hope to introduce you to members of communities that are looking for individuals to pursue their own careers. You will attend town council meetings, and workshops, and assist at Field of Hope-led activities.