Meet Keren

Partner schools competitively apply for the ISA grant with their proposed projects and the best agriculture projects are awarded 1,000.0 USD. Iganga Girls High School is one of the benefiting partner schools that was supported through ISAG to start a poultry project in 2019. The project has so far been done twice and has since been a tremendous success impacting over 300 girls at the school. Some of the girls went ahead to start their own poultry projects at home during lockdown.

This is the story of Keren!

Wafula Keren is a senior 4 student at Iganga Girls High School and member of the students’ agriculture club “YoFFA”. Keren participated actively in the poultry project at Iganga Girls High School funded by Field of Hope from 2019. Using the skills and inspiration she acquired from the school project, during the holiday Keren was able to successfully convince her parents to construct for her a semi-permanent chicken house and provide capital for her project. She started her poultry project with 100 broiler chicks in 2019, which managed successfully, and sold off at a profit.

Motivated by the success of her initial project, Keren was able to expand her project to 150 broiler chicks in 2020 using revenue from her first project.


She was able to successful manage her project using her newfound skills and made a profit of 120,000ugx (33.6 USD). Keren continued expanding her project to 200 broiler chicks this year which she also managed very well. Currently she has 15 broiler hens from which she obtains about 2 trays of eggs per week. She earns UGX 20,000 per week from the sale of her eggs. Keren has used money from the sale of eggs to bring in more broiler chicks that she’s currently managing at her parent’s home. They use the poultry manure to improve their banana and maize crops.

Keren has been able to help her parents with some expenses at home throughout the lockdown period with money she generates from her poultry projects. Keren shared her future for the project, “In the future when I have funding, I hope to expand my poultry project by building another chicken house where I can keep more chicken”.

In her concluding remarks Keren hipped praise to Field of Hope and her agriculture teachers, “I thank Field of Hope for all they have done for us, and I want to thank my agriculture teachers for learning opportunity they gave us. May God, bless you Field of Hope and may you continuously expand your projects and activities.”

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