Meet Rose

Alebtong Rose has been a part of the Niyee Women’s Group and Village & Savings Loan Association (VSLA) with Field of Hope for over five years. Rose is a farmer, and explained that prior to working with FOH, she struggled to manage funds and had many issues with her crops.

“Before joining Field of hope, I was not in any group and I had many problems,” Rose said. “It was hard for me to get money but when I joined Field of Hope, we were trained on how to do proper farming, planting crops, prepare land, harvesting, and proper storage.”

Rose said the topics she was trained on, both practical and financial, helped her support her family.

“After learning all these I started getting money to send my children to school and pay school fees,” Rose said. She continued, saying, “I now have the ability to do many things. After a while, I borrowed money from the grant and used part of it to pay school fees, bought pigs, and repaired my grinding mill – which was [broken] and its now working.”

She said the financial freedom she gained after wilding the VSLA training and funds has eliminated many stressors.

Rose said, “I’m now [making] money, am able to send my children to school, and am able to continue paying schools, anytime. I have no worries or fears about how to pay school fees.”


Rose has big plans and has been building off of her previous successes to delve into further enterprises.

“When I borrowed from the [VSLA], I bought pigs. Now, I have a plan to move forward to build a structure tp start a poultry project. When I do that, it will give me the ability to build another house and continue paying school fees for my children. In future I want to continue with the project,” Rose explained.

Rose said she sees the benefits of Field of Hope’s trainings, and would love to receive more, stating, “I would like Field of Hope to train us on how to keep and take care of animals.”

Rose remarked on her lasting knowledge through Field of Hope’s interventions. She said, “Lastly, I want to thank [Field of Hope] for the knowledge they have given us, now we know how to raise and save money. Thank you.”

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