Meet Selly

Selly Ocen has been working with Field of Hope for the past six years. A farmer, and member of the Arwotcek Womens’ Cooperative, Selly is lives in the Amolatar district where she raises her children.

Selly said joining our women’s group has been a positive experience, stating, “being in the group is good, and it has helped me to many things.”

However, prior to her joining the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), Selly said it was difficult to achieve the things she wanted to.

“Before joining the group, it was hard for me to get good things,” Selly said, and continued, “When I joined the group, I started receiving good things, for example money.”

Selly did not simply receive money, she capitalized upon the help to amplify her own work.

Selly said, “The money I borrowed from the group helped me to pay school fees, and I bought an ox which is now making my farming very easy.”

The support from the group proved successful for Selly, and she has big plans to continue improving.

“I have a plan to build a house next year,” Selly said, “I want to build a good house where I’m going to sleep.”

Selly expressed her appreciation for our partnership, stating, “Field of Hope has been good. They helped us with food stuff when we had [harsh weather], there was nothing to eat. If you don’t have money, there was no way of feeding your children. But Field of Hope helped us with food and many other things.”

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