The FOH Women of the Giving Tuesday 6k

Field of Hope supports five VSLA groups of women. VSLA = Village Savings & Loans Associations. Forty women are invited to join the group where they then elect leadership and begin committing a small amount to the savings box each week. After enough money has been accrued, the group begins loaning funds to the members. Women in the VSLA are often able to borrow money for the first time in their lives. This money is typically borrowed to pay for farming inputs or to pay their children’s school fees. The women of the VSLA group set their own interest rate and are required to pay back their borrowed money with interest in a certain amount of time. Field of Hope assists in training the women on sustainable agricultural practices, financial literacy, and discipleship, along with so much more!

Below is a snapshot of the average women farmers in the VSLA groups that Field of Hope supports


Alebtong Village (Uh-leb-tong)

58 women

Average Age: 40

Farms 4.75 acres

6 children

Average Annual Income: 443,830 UG Shilling = $119.81 US Dollars

3 cows

5.5 goats

22 chickens

A few sheep

Apac Village (Uh-pa-ch)

76 women

Average age: 42

Farms 6 acres

6 or 7 children

Average Annual Income: 500,000 UG Shilling = $134.97 US Dollars

2 cows

3 goats

5 chickens

A couple pigs and sheep

Amolatar Village (Uh-mo-le-tar)

65 women

Average age: 41

Farms 6.75 acres

5 children

Average Annual Income: 3,513,333 UG Shilling = $948.38 US Dollars

5 cows

4 goats

11 chickens

Dokolo Village (Do-kuh-lo)

110 women

Average age: 37

Farms 4 acres

4 children

Average Annual Income: 3,330,769 UG Shilling = $899.10 US Dollars

3 cows

3 goats

8 chickens

8 chickens

Alongside their livestock, these women farm a variety of crops such as maize, millet, sunflower, cassava, beans, and many more. Typically, they are responsible for fetching water, caring for their children, cooking, cleaning, washing, paying school fees, and farming.

THANK YOU for your generous support on Giving Tuesday.

100% of the money raised today will go directly towards Field of Hope programs in Uganda and India thanks to the generous donations of the Founder’s Circle and FOH Board of Directors that cover all adminsitrative costs. 

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