‘Tis the Season for Giving

Christmas is often referred to as ‘the season for giving’, and who would we rather give to than our family and friends? I would like to use the acronym GIFTS to help you consider who else you might help this Christmas.

Go. Go for a walk or get in your car and look around your neighborhood or community. See who or what organization might need a helping hand. You can also go on the internet and check out organizations that are serving people in your community, country or in the world.

Inquire. Once you have identified some individuals or organizations, inquire about their story and needs. Check to be sure that their goals and objectives are ones you can support.

Focus. Focus on a few of these people or organizations rather than spreading yourself too thin.

Time, talent, or treasure. Decide whether you have the time, talent, or treasure required to support the people and organizations you have identified.

Serve. Serve faithfully as you connect with the individuals or organizations. The best gift you can give is the gift of yourself. And a hidden benefit, nothing feels better than giving!

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