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Ugandan Volunteership Program Application


 The Field of Hope Ugandan Volunteership Program is one of the avenues used to provide opportunities to the young talents to gain valuable experience in the field. This program seeks to advance technical competencies of passionate fresh graduates, allowing them to apply their college-gained skills and knowledge to “real” field situation under the different pillars with the guidance of our technical team. Whereas this is a short-term engagement, we believe the individual leaves when he/ she has gained substantial leadership skills and the ability to create a positive change in their communities hence constituting the next generation of agricultural leaders.

Through our committed donors and board to raising competent agriculturists who will spur change, a volunteer will be entitled to financial assistance for housing and living stipends for the 2-3 months that they will be working with Field of Hope. They will be exposed to all the three pillars of our Programs but with special emphasis on the pillar the volunteer falls directly under.

Details of the Volunteership

To apply for this volunteership, please review the following guidelines and application materials. The candidate selection will be based on performance and the impression created by the candidate during the interview process. Field of Hope is an equal opportunity employer. The volunteer’s tenure may be extended based on many factors and among which is if there is a need to do so as determined by the Executive Director and Country Coordinator.

Eligible candidates will meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a recent graduate (not exceeding 2 years out) or yet to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural extension, agricultural education, agricultural science, or any other agricultural related discipline.
  • Has a strong Christian character and demonstrates a high moral standard.
  • Complete a full volunteership period with Field of Hope
  • Willing to relocate to Lira for the period of volunteership
  • Produce weekly progress reports and submit to the Country Coordinator
  • Play an active role in implementing activities under different pillars.
  • Desire to serve the agriculture community and the world around them.
  • Willingness to travel for a significant number of days for field related activities.

Budget for one volunteer:

Weekly Stipend

Application Deadlines

To apply for the Field of Hope Volunteership, please submit all forms and letters by the 30th of June 2024 to the Field of Hope Ugandan Office at From there, the selection committee will meet and inform the shortlisted applicants for oral interview. If there are further questions about this volunteership, please contact Walter Okullu, the Country Coordinator, for guidance.

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