Welcome, Whitney! We have a Vice President

For the first time, Field of Hope has appointed a Vice President position to the Board of Directors. Working with Chuck Hammond this year is Whitney Thurmond. A long-time friend of and volunteer with Field of Hope, Whitney began her FOH journey in 2015. She joined long-time FOH partner Vivayic on a trip to Uganda and has never stopped doing her best to help further our mission.

“I was on that trip and was so inspired by the teachers who were paving the way for agriculture education in Northern Uganda that I asked Vivayic leaders if I could lead the curriculum writing project.  Fast forward to December 2020, I was able to deliver all four years of secondary Uganda agricultural lesson plans.  I consider it to be the most important work I’ve been a part of,” Whitney said.

Whitney volunteered for FOH since 2015, joined the board in 2019, and is now FOH’s first Vice President in 2021. With this new role comes new goals, Whitney said.

“This year will be about defining the role of the Vice-President/President Elect. I’ve made it a goal to continue learning from Chuck’s leadership.  He is a strategic visionary who is excellent at engaging the entire board and valuing every person’s ideas and contribution,” Whitney said.

She said her central goals this year are to connect others with a cause she believes in.

“I believe that people want to be generous with their abundance and it’s my goal to connect others with a cause that I know truly builds independence and positively impacts education, food security and alleviates poverty in a sustainable and dignified way. Specifically, I want to grow our monthly donors, which we call Constant Cultivators because they are constantly cultivating our mission and our programs. A reoccurring monthly donation in any amount supports our ongoing programming for those we serve,” Whitney said.

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