Adventures in Agriculture: What on Earth am I Here For?

What on Earth am I here for? This question has frequented my conversations lately. Between family and friends, and even within myself. I asked this question to myself during my mid semester crisis before I graduated college just a few months ago. During said crisis, something in me just wasn’t sure what I was made to do. “What’s my purpose?” I asked my mom one day on the phone. While in the midst of my 15 hour flight towards Uganda, I also found my mind wandering towards those questions.


Upon being in Uganda, I believe my purpose has more clarity. In the last two weeks of my fellowship with Field of Hope I have experienced and taken in so much good. My travels have gone very smoothly and my immersion into living in country is also going well. Most of my takeaways include absorbing all the scenery, making new friends, and serving my purpose.


First, I have truly not seen a landscape quite like Uganda. Lush green everywhere, mixed with colorful flowers, bright red dirt, and rows of crops. While driving the other day I tried to go through all of the ecosystems I learned in biology and I simply can’t choose just one between the mix of dry, swamp, and pine and palm trees. Either way, I’m loving the landscape.

Next, the people. I’ve had such amazing company with me the last couple of weeks. Kindness, heart, and generosity mean a lot; and unexpected friendship is something I often find anywhere I go. To my new dear friend Gloria, thank you for being my house mate for a week. What a short week! From playing cards, to traveling (or mostly sleeping during travel in our case), exploring the market, and teaching me how to properly hand wash my laundry, we have shared SO many laughs. I’ll miss you in the FOH house, but I can’t wait to see you again very soon!


Gloria also took me to my first Ugandan church service. We arrived at Victory Outreach Church (main) to find “What on Earth am I here for?” postered all over the church. Next to other signs reading, “We are here for mission, worship, fellowship, growth, and service.” These words meant so much to me as I truly am here in Uganda for each of those. After amazing songs from the choir, and a warm welcome to all the new attendees, we began the sermon. “No matter the language you speak or part of the world you come from, we are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and in the house of Christ.” I’ve never been a big spiritual person, but embracing my faith is something I want to strengthen while in Uganda. This sermon absolutely hit home, and started my journey in faith, and for my fellowship on the right foot.

Combine all those positive aspects of my trip with the passion for agriculture I get to share with others, and I really am living out my purpose. The other day, Nicholas, an FOH staff member and new friend, asked me what my dream job is. I said, “something that lets me travel, be in and out of the classroom, attend conferences, and do a variety of things all while sharing agriculture.” As I said that, I found that I was getting to do exactly that right now. Between gender and nutrition trainings for villages, working on various handbooks and programs, and observing in agricultural classrooms, I believe my purpose is to serve in this very moment each day.

I cannot wait to share with you my journey of faith, agriculture, and more. What on Earth are you here for?

By: Sarah McCord, Fellow ’22

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