Dream Come True

My name is Solomon Okello, a student of Makerere University serving with Field of Hope as an intern. I have passively spent almost two years with Field of Hope, since 2020, but actively spent a month with this amazing organization. Field of Hope has

After almost three months of living in Uganda and just two months of being back in my home country of the United States of America, I have found reflection, insight, pride, and adjustment beyond measure. “What a trip you just got back from, how

A True Ugandan

“If you’ve spent more than a month in Uganda, then you’re a true Ugandan,” said William, our guide at Sipi Falls. I have officially surpassed William’s 1 month mark, and am onto my sixth week in the country. In my weeks being here, I

The Art of Storytelling in Qualitative Research: Who gets to share the stories? Telling stories to reveal elements and images of an event is one of the most powerful tools for interactive engagement anywhere. A good story is persuasive and will often elicit a

When Multiple Places Become Home   On my first night back in Uganda, I wrote in my journal, “You don’t know how much you don’t know until you are standing face-to-face with a world you don’t know.” This statement came after a series of

A Strong Vision: Empowering Agricultural Educators Every year, Field of Hope brings together agriculture teachers from all over Uganda to train them on how best to teach agriculture to students, using FOH curriculum and materials. I have never been to any of such trainings,

Shifting Narratives: What the World Sees, What I See What do you think about then you hear “developing country”? Seriously, stop and think about it. Look up from your device and try to picture it in your mind. Think about the environment. What does

I’m sure the phrase “the road less traveled,” is not a new saying. I was listening to a speaker some years ago when I first heard that phrase. The speaker was describing how it was important to not follow the crowd, especially since we’re

What on Earth am I here for? This question has frequented my conversations lately. Between family and friends, and even within myself. I asked this question to myself during my mid semester crisis before I graduated college just a few months ago. During said