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Impact Beyond Borders: A Word from Walter

It is quite easy to under-rate the work you do and water down the achievements you make because most times we focus on “how” big the outcome is. Over time, I have appreciated that fulfillment comes in different ways-be it
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Introducing Hunter: FOH’s Newest Fellow

We are excited to welcome Hunter Adkins to the Field of Hope family as our newest fellow! With a strong foundation in faith and a passion for agriculture, Hunter is eager to contribute to our mission of empowering communities through
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Introducing Meikah: Our Newest Field of Hope Fellow

We are delighted to introduce Meikah Dado, our newest addition to the Field of Hope family! With a passion for equitable agricultural education and a heart for empowering women in agriculture, Meikah embodies the values and vision of our organization.
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Introducing Kaitlin: Our Newest Field of Hope Board Member

Field of Hope could not be more excited to introduce Kaitlin, the newest addition to the Board! With her unwavering passion for faith, agriculture, and education, Kaitlin brings a unique blend of experiences and expertise that perfectly aligns with our
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Harvest Money Expo: What is it, and Why did We Attend?

What is it?  Harvest Money Expo Conference is Uganda’s biggest agriculture and agribusiness annual exhibition event that always takes place at Kololo Independence Ground in Kampala. The event is organized annually by Vision Group in partnership with Embassy of the
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Welcoming Our Newest Board Member: Chris Hafner

Welcome to the Field of Hope family, Chris Hafner! Chris, the son of Field of Hope’s co-founders Mike and Cathy Hafner, brings a wealth of passion, insight, and dedication to our organization as he joins us as a board member.
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Welcoming Our New Junior Board Member: Sarah McCord

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Field of Hope family: Sarah McCord! Sarah has been an integral part of our  organization since her fellowship with us, and we are delighted to welcome her aboard as a
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Volunteer Stories: A Word from Timber

I always have a little chuckle when I find myself in places I would have never imagined going. coming from the girl who never got on an airplane till I was 20 years old, and it was to Kenya, Africa.
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Inspire Me

Inspire me. What does this mean? When I understood it, I wondered how perfectly I can say it. These are my thoughts as I moved from school to school and looked at the face of these beautiful learners. During the
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