Graduate and Undergraduate Students

The Fellowship Program of Field of Hope was established in 2017 and has hosted nine fellows in Uganda to date. The goal of this program is to provide graduate and undergraduate students international agricultural experiences within a diverse international agricultural production system. Each student-fellow is integrated into aspects of Field of Hope’s agricultural development programs, including youth agricultural education, student demonstration garden management and food production, smallholder farmer trainings and value chain enhancement, community outreach projects, and local talent collaboration. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn from, train and mentor others. Student-fellows also observe existing practices, troubleshoot, and contribute to planning and design of strategies to address challenges or needs. They also assist in the implementation or execution of strategies for Field of Hope’s programs.

Through this program, we strive to achieve the following objectives


Advance each student-fellow’s short- and long-term educational objectives through an international agricultural experience.


Provide each student-fellow with a broad base of experiences and equip them with practical knowledge to benefit their long-term service and career objectives in advancing agriculture in developing countries.


Advance Field of Hope’s agricultural operations through the regular infusion of ideas, creativity and innovation from student-fellows to improve efficiencies, problem solve and build sustainable systems.


Create a consistent, practical and sustainable educational experience that inspires and enables student-fellows to contribute and assist those in developing countries to improve agricultural productivity, stabilize and improve rural livelihoods, reduce poverty, improve health and set disadvantaged communities on the road to economic growth, opportunity and self-sustainability.

Fellows are encourage to stay 8-12 weeks in-country and have access to a large network of ex-patriots and Ugandans to offer support. 

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