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Leadership Development

Field of Hope recognizes that we ourselves cannot change the world, but together with other invested partners, we believe we can create transformation and have a lasting positive impact. We love to work alongside others in our pursuit to be a blessing and make a difference through agriculture. From young, educated adults to high-performing locals, and even the willing volunteer, we know we are better together, and we work to provide opportunities for this collaboration through our projects.

University Fellowships

Field of Hope has relationships with US-based universities to further the education and practical application of their students’ skills in an international context. Through research and fellowships, these students help to further enhance our programs and activities. Fellows provide valuable in-country work to our partners and help us foster better relationships with the people we serve. Fellows typically serve 10-12 weeks and have a vested interest in agricultural development and similar areas.

Field of Hope recognizes that evaluation and assessment are a key component to development. We partner with specific universities to allow official research to be conducted within our programs (at the discretion of the Board and staff).

Local Talent Development

Through our work, we have created relationships with local Ugandans who are inspirational individuals dedicated to improving their country through agriculture. Each of our domestic team members and trainers has a passion for agriculture and work diligently alongside us to promote the best practices and methodologies available. They serve as great educators and extension agents to our partners and farmers, and we are dedicated to their development.

We also partner with domestic universities in our host-countries to host local interns, preparing them for the job market and equipping them with necessary technical and leadership skills.


Field of Hope was founded with a servant heart, and we are happy to accommodate those who recognize a calling to serve worldwide. Volunteers bring a new excitement and passion to our friends in Uganda, India and beyond, and they have opportunities to serve through our work with projects and partners. To date, we have hosted numerous formalized mission trips and countless volunteers for a variety of durations.

Donate to Leadership Development

Developing leaders is a crucial step to providing sustainability and innovation. Donations to this pillar have the potential to impact hundreds, if not thousands, by simply supporting one person! Giving to this pillar is powerful. Leadership development trainings not only equip leaders but also motivate and inspire them while giving them access to a network of likeminded people. This network then supports them daily. Donations allow future non-profit and NGO leaders gain valuable experience and see firsthand how development works. It allows volunteers to have a life-changing experience and an opportunity to love on their neighbor. Gifts in this pillar truly are an investment in those who will take the reins from Field of Hope and continue with everlasting change for the Kingdom.


$50 = One devotional+leadership guidebook
for a Ugandan leader

$500 = One development training for 15+ local leaders

$1,000 = One leadership field trip for FOH local staff

$2,500 = One Fellowship for a US university student