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What We Do

Inspire Excitement About The Agricultural Industry

At Field of Hope we work to equip the local teachers, farmers, and students to change the face of agriculture in their country by giving them a hand up through education, training, and access to financial resources. We empower them to design solutions to the challenges they face and partner with them to overcome those challenges.

Current Programs

Field of Hope works to achieve our mission through three channels, or pillars: Youth Agricultural Education, Smallholder Farmer Advancement, and Leadership Development. Through these pillars, we feel that reach audiences of every generation and every walk of life. From there, we are dedicated to standing with individuals and groups to advance agriculture and impact their lives.

Youth Agricultural Education

We hope to equip the next generation of agriculturists in developing countries with the skills and abilities to successfully operate their agricultural enterprises.

Smallholder Farmer Advancement

Field of Hope is working to educate and encourage smallholder farmers in northern Uganda through agricultural and financial means.


Leadership Development

Field of Hope recognizes that we ourselves cannot change the world, but together with other invested partners, we believe we can create transformation and have a lasting positive impact.


Sustainability. Innovation. Empowerment. Inclusiveness.

At Field of Hope, we believe in creating change that will last longer than our lifetimes. We also believe in developing capacity among those we work with so that they may play a part in creating the sustainable solution and empowering them to carry on the efforts once our part is done. The ultimate goal is for those we work with to have the resources and knowledge they need to operate the program themselves.

Ag Development Stages


Development is not an immediate solution but is instead an incremental process that can span decades. Field of Hope believes that our pillars align with those agricultural development stages and encourage those people within each stage to positively develop and create a successful foundation for the next stage.



Farmers, mostly women, hoe their gardens in no uniform fashion, casting seeds and waiting for harvest. Seventy percent of the Ugandan population is employed in agriculture, yet 56.9% of smallholder farmers admit that they are unable to provide enough food for their families.

Aligned Program: Smallholder Farmer Advancement Program



Farmers at this stage are able to send their children to school and have a community of other
farmers to rely on for knowledge-sharing and emotional support. Their culture shifts from a
spending mindset to a saving one, and they are able to begin long-term planning.

Aligned Program: Youth Agricultural Education



Farmers and students are able to operate their agricultural enterprises as a business,
understanding finances, improved inputs, advanced farming practices and valuable marketing. The youth are energized to pursue a career in agriculture and provide innovative solutions to common problems.

Aligned Program: Leadership Development


Preliminary research shows that our programs produce
the following results:

Women’s Program

  • Individual empowerment
  • Gender equity and inclusiveness
  • Community building, enlarged networks
  • Economic empowerment, including increased incomes, provision of school fee payment, and access to financial resources for life and business improvement
  • Food security for families

Curriculum Development

  • Excitement for agriculture among youth
  • More effective experiential learning
  • Proper execution of professionally developed
  • Motivation and inspiration provided to students
  • Additional education provided to instructors
  • Reduction of workload for instructors
  • Modern practices, methods, and knowledge disseminated to both instructors and students


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