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The Need


Civil unrest removed many peasant farmers from their homes across Northern Uganda in the 90’s and early 2000s, and the effects are still being felt. While the cities are beginning to gain traction, those smallholder farmers in rural northern Uganda are still living in severe poverty.

83% of Uganda’s population live in rural areas, mostly in the Northern and Eastern regions
60 %
84% of those in these regions live in poverty
(FAO, 2017; The World Bank, 2016)
60 %
Farming is a way of life for 65.6% of the country
60 %
Population remains undernourished as of 2017
(FAO, 2017)
0 %

With more agricultural knowledge
and more financial stability,
these households can begin to get back on their feet.

Field of Hope is dedicated to helping that happen.

Stories from Uganda

Meet Ketty.

Ketty is 38-years-old and a farmer in the Northern Uganda district of Amolatar. She farms the five acres that her husband owns and lives in a mud hut with her six children and the three orphans of her extended family that she’s taken in. Currenlty, her farming brings in roughly $300 annually. Only one of her children are in school because she and her husband cannot afford the school fees for the rest to attend. Both she and her husband are HIV positive; Ketty doesn’t read or write and is unable to secure a bank account or a loan.

…until she finds Field of Hope.

Meet Janet

Janet is 17-years-old and loves agriculture. She’s excited to pursue advanced secondary to receive a certificate in agriculture. She’s disabled, as she lost her left arm the same night she lost her father. She currently lives at an orphan home, but will have to leave when she turns 18 next month. While she wishes to go to university and pursue a degree in agriculture, she has no funding opportunities.

…until she finds Field of Hope.


Meet Romeo

Romeo is 28-years-old and a teacher. He’s happily married and has one child, a son. Romeo is an orphan who was taken in by his aunt. He loves agriculture and loves teaching agriculture, but because he only makes $1,000 per year teaching at one school, he has two jobs and lives away from his family. The village school where he teaches is over an hour from his home and requires him to take a taxi and then walk several miles to reach. He cares for goats on the side, and is dependent on those goats to allow him to accrue a profit in a year. The content he’s teaching his students comes from textbooks produced in the 1960s and notes from his own time in secondary school. He does not have a degree in education and can only teach his students what he remembers or practices with his goats.

…until he finds Field of Hope.

Get Involved

Field of Hope believes in life transformation for both the people we work with and for the people who would like to partner
with us. If you would like to share your time, your talent, or your treasure, please contact us and let us know in which area
you would like to be involved.


Dedicate a few hours a month, or maybe even a few days out of the year to help us get our word out and generate support for our farmers and students!


We are always looking for skilled and qualified volunteers to help us bring advanced agricultural and educational knowledge to the friends and families we serve in Uganda and India.


There are a variety of ways you can partner with us. We are honored to accept monetary donations as well as non-monetary donations such as grain and other harvests.


Not sure how you can contribute today? Talk to God about His plan for you and Field of Hope and tell your family and friends about our mission and our work!