Be a Blessing 

We invite you to be blessed today by being a blessing to others. We at Field of Hope have seen firsthand the blessings that come with giving what we can to others, especially the “least of these” (Matt. 25:40).

One training for a group of women or community farmers

Resources for one demonstration garden for a women’s group

Four levels of teacher’s guides for teachers

One ISA Grant or one year of community outreach trainings

One grant for one women’s group 


One Fellowship for a US university student 

2020 Goal: $300,000

Donate Online

You may donate online by PayPal or credit card

Mail your donation

Field of Hope
8805 Chambery Blvd, Suite 300-225
Johnston, IA 50131

Become a Monthly Donor!

Your monthly gift makes a difference.

$100 a month

Supports 1 teacher with one level of lesson plans

$65 a month

Sponsors 12 woman-farmer trainings

$1,000 over one year

Provides a team of Ugandan leaders with two experiential trainings

The options are endless and your gift is never too small to make a difference.

Our 100% Promise

We understand the undertaking that a donation can be, and for that we are dedicated to ensuring your gift goes directly to the intended recipients. This means that we do our best to pull no administrative costs from your donation. The Board of Directors and Founder Circle Members are committed to covering 100% of the administrative expenses so that your donation can bless those around the world.

Interested in joining the influential Founder’s Circle?

Send us an email today:

Make a Difference While You Shop


Selecting Field of Hope, Inc. while making your purchases online is a quick and easy way to involve Amazon as a donor-partner. For every item you purchase, Amazon commits a small amount to Field of Hope as a give-back feature. 

PayPal Giving

Select Field of Hope, Inc. as your “favorite charity” and make donations by rounding up when you check out through PayPal!