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Inspiring Students in Agriculture Grant

2024 Deadline: April 5th, 2024

Grant Purpose

Secondary agricultural teachers are already focused on preparing and exciting youth for ag-related futures. Field of Hope would like to come alongside these teachers to supplement and enhance their students’ learning experiences through various agricultural related projects, demonstrations, and field trips.


The Inspiring Student Agricultural Grant applications should meet these qualifications:

  1. The applicant’s organization must have an existing relationship with Field of Hope (no unsolicited applications)
  2. The project must be agriculture related
  3. It should enhance an existing agricultural outreach/class and add value to the students’ learning experience
  4. The applicant must also contribute to the project in some way (either through matching funding, people resources, time, expertise, etc.)


If your grant is approved, recipients must commit to report the following, after the project has been completed:

  1. Overview of project (i.e. what it involved, who it involved) Please note if anything changed between your application and execution.
  2. Stories of impact – How this project impacted the students/instructor, and furthered excitement or knowledge for agriculture.
  3. Three or four pictures/visuals.
    NOTE: So that your experience may be a blessing to FOH donors and volunteers, we may share your descriptions and photos via FOH communications.
  4. A breakdown of how expenses were actually spent.

We ask you to report back to Field of Hope on the impact of the project through written testimonies, stories and pictures within 30 days of completing the project. If the project is on-going, a regular report schedule will be determined as appropriate.

*You are welcome to submit an additional funding request after your original project has been completed and you have documented the appropriate follow-up stipulated in the grant request. If there is overlap in your proposed projects, please indicate on your application for FOH consideration. You are allowed to apply for funding twice in an academic year, not to exceed a total of $1000 USD per year. FOH reserves the right to approve or decline any application.

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