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Youth Agricultural Education

The mission of Field of Hope is to inspire excitement about the agricultural industry in Ugandan students, as well as to develop a wider and deeper knowledge of the proper and modern technologies within the industry. We hope to equip the next generation of agriculturists in developing countries with the skills and abilities to successfully operate their agricultural enterprises as businesses whereby they can provide for their future families.

Teacher Guide Development and Teacher Training

Alongside our training development partner, Vivayic Inc., Field of Hope has been working to develop all-inclusive and interactive teacher’s guides for secondary agricultural education that deal with all phases and forms of agriculture. As most education practices in Uganda rely on rote memorization, our guides meet the country standards and include hands-on and project-based learning for students. The goal of these guides is to inspire and excite students about agriculture as an industry and a career and to demonstrate the best practices of successful agricultural businesses.

Not only are we investing in students through this initiative, but we are also working to professionally and personally develop the teachers who teach them. Teachers receive these guides at no cost and are invited to two trainings each year that allow them to learn innovative teaching practices, practice these hands-on methods, and grow their professional network. What started with three teachers in northern Uganda has grown to include over 350 teachers all across the country in a matter of five years. We look forward to the continued growth and dissemination of Teacher Guides!

Inspiring Students in Agriculture Grant

In 2017, Field of Hope established the Inspiring Students in Agriculture Grant to support teachers focused on preparing youth for agricultural related futures. This program was designed to inspire students by giving them hands-on learning experiences through various agricultural-related projects, demonstrations, and field trips. These grants supplement our teacher’s guides by growing students’ familiarity with the entire industry, inside and outside of the classroom. 

As of January of 2024, your faithful support has allowed us to fund over 20 grant projects across the country! These projects include fishery projects, animal production and vegetable production in schools. 

Donate to Youth Agricultural Education

When you donate, your funds can go towards supplying teachers with free Teacher Guides, towards Inspiring Students in Agriculture grants, and follow-up visits to the schools.  

Check out our Blessing Conversions to see what your dollars can do! 


$50 = One training for one teacher

$100 = One follow-up visit for one school

$125 = One level of teacher’s guide for a teacher

$500 = Four levels of teacher’s guides for teachers

$1,000 = One ISA Grant for one school

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