Introducing Meikah: Our Newest Field of Hope Fellow

We are delighted to introduce Meikah Dado, our newest addition to the Field of Hope family! With a passion for equitable agricultural education and a heart for empowering women in agriculture, Meikah embodies the values and vision of our organization.

Meikah’s journey with Field of Hope began during her first year of her master’s program at Texas A&M University in 2020. Intrigued by the stories shared by individuals directly involved with Field of Hope, she was drawn to our mission of creating equitable opportunities within agricultural education. Since then, Meikah has actively participated in our events, including the Walk for Women 6K, and has been a dedicated supporter of our annual Sowing Seeds of Hope campaign.

What inspired Meikah to apply for the fellowship was our organization’s commitment to supporting agricultural education through three key pillars: Inspiring Students in Agriculture, Smallholder Farmer Advancement, and Leadership Development. As she delved deeper into our work and witnessed firsthand the impact of our initiatives during a visit to Uganda, Meikah’s resolve to contribute to our mission only grew stronger. Particularly drawn to our efforts in empowering women in agriculture, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to learn and contribute in this area. She expressed this by stating, “Field of Hope is empowering individuals to choose their own path in the agricultural industry and have the skills and resources to overcome barriers they may face. Throughout my experience interacting with Field of Hope, I have admired their commitment to their values and how they have exemplified them through their sustainable work within the Ugandan agricultural industry.”

Meikah’s journey to Uganda will commence in early June, and she will be staying until the beginning of September. Throughout her time there, she looks forward to immersing herself in Ugandan culture, building meaningful relationships, and working directly alongside farmers, teachers, and students. She sees this experience as a chance for personal and professional growth, driven by the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those she encounters. Meikah said this experience will provide her with, “hands-on learning regarding tropical agriculture and smallholder farming that I cannot learn through a textbook. I am looking forward to the early mornings and long days, working in a field or in a classroom, trips to the market, building relationships, and asking questions.”

At Field of Hope, we are honored to welcome Meikah as our newest fellow. Her passion, dedication, and commitment to our mission inspire us all, and we cannot wait to witness the impact she will undoubtedly make during her time in Uganda. Stay tuned for updates on Meikah’s journey as she shares her experiences through future blog posts—we are certain they will be filled with both challenges and moments of profound growth. Together, let us continue empowering individuals and supporting agricultural development in Uganda and beyond.


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