Adventures in Agriculture: Katie’s Ugandan Bucket List

Ugandan Bucket List

It feels like I was just boarding the plane to get to Uganda with high anticipation of what the next three months would bring. Now I’m on the plane to depart, reflecting on my time in the Pearl of Africa.

In recent years, my parents have been into checking things off their bucket list. Since my first blog post was about how my parents inspired me to go to Africa, I find it fitting that they have inspired me to create a Ugandan bucket list.

Katie and her Sunday School class.
  1. Enjoy the sound of rain on a tin roof
  2. Go to a wedding
  3. Hug a stranger
  4. “Path” cinnamon roll
  5. The school children yell “bye” as you walk by
  6. Safari at Murchison Falls
  7. Get recruited to teach Sunday school
  8. Eat lots of fresh produce: pineapple, mangos, watermelon and jackfruit
  9. Eat posho and beans with your hands
  10. Learn about fire ants (hopefully not the hard way that’s complimented by a I-have-ants-in-my-skirt-dance)
  11. Try Uganda’s soft drinks: Mirinda, Novida, Stoney, Krest (to name a few)
  12. Get an African dress or skirt made
  13. Enjoy living where time moves a little slower
  14. Let walking become your new favorite mode of transportation
  15. Be greeted with a big smile and a wave from passer-bys
  16. Be greeted with a big hug and “welcome back” when returning to the hotel after leaving for the day.
  17. Attempt to learn how to carry something on your head
  18. Observe an agricultural class
  19. Gain lots of new friends (trust me, it is not hard to do)
  20. Fall in love with Uganda
Katie with the Alpha staff.

I cannot thank the people of Uganda enough for welcoming me into their country, their communities, and their homes with open arms. I am so thankful for this experience, the memories made, the lessons learned, and the new friends that have been gained. Most of the people that I said goodbye to asked me when I will be returning – I will be praying for that day to come.

Last memories in Uganda.

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