Andrew Ambriz – Volunteer Story

Andrew Ambriz is a Field of Hope Volunteer. This is his story.

“We live in an incredibly small world. We are given magnificent gifts that are meant to be shared with people who need them most.”

Andrew and his wife Alix joined a FOH team in Uganda in October 2016 to research and redesign an agricultural curriculum for partner schools. But their service was not limited to curriculum development. Andrew used his gifts to lead an impromptu worship session before a cooperative savings and loan workshop in Dokolo. He had no clue he would be asked to jump in front of strangers and kick off a workshop with music, but he was, and he did. Here’s what he learned in that moment: “Love conquers all. The people of Uganda use all of their emotions. There is no in-between. I can still see, hear and feel the energy as an entire building gave all they had to worship God and the blessings that have been given to them,” Andrew said. “They carry that enthusiasm and appreciation into their lives and their relationships. Uganda has a spirit of faith, hope and love.”

Andrew and Alix are examples of how everyone can serve and be impacted by FOH. Andrew explained how people might shy from opportunities to volunteer, but in fact we are all equipped and able to serve: “People might think, ‘It takes a lot of hard work to serve.’ They’re wrong,” Andrew said. “Uganda and its people showed me that living a life close to God is really very simple. We must value Him, we must value ourselves, and we must value each other and we must let those principles flow into every area of our lives.”

Join us as we continue to find value in empowerment and integrity around the world.

This is Andrew’s story. What will yours be?

PC: Brian Harvey Hogue

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