Meet James

Isooba James is an agriculture teacher at Iganga Secondary School who has been involved with Field of Hope for over three years. James said before his involvement with Field of Hope, he used traditional teaching methods. However, Field of Hope’s teacher trainings showed him

Meet Vicky

Vicky Amongi is a treasurer of Ayabi Women’s Farmers Cooperative Society Limited in the Apac District. Vicky is a smallholder farmer, and joined the group in 2015. For the past six years, she has been a partner of Field of Hope. Before joining the

Meet Grace

Ejang Grace is a mother and a member of Ayabi Women’s Farmers Cooperative Society Limited found in Apac District. She is a small-scale farmer, and has spent six years engaging in Field of Hope’s Women’s Program. Before joining the group, Grace said she “was

There is a quote that tell us “it isn’t the farm that makes the farmer – it’s the love, hard work, and character.”  One doesn’t need 1,000 acres to be a farmer, nor 500, nor 50, not even one. Sometimes all you need is

Uganda is not facing a pandemic for the very first time; smallpox, chicken pox, Ebola among others once dominated the disease/pandemic fraternity. However, the substantial impact on the society behavior and social economic welfare of the communities, gives COVID-19 pandemic a unique status and

COVID-19 drastically challenged the education sector, and especially impacted learners and teachers. Teachers are living unsustainable livelihoods. They cannot provide basics to their families, i.e. food, medical care, utilities, etc. to live comfortably. All this is due to the state of poverty because private

For the first time, Field of Hope has appointed a Vice President position to the Board of Directors. Working with Chuck Hammond this year is Whitney Thurmond. A long-time friend of and volunteer with Field of Hope, Whitney began her FOH journey in 2015.

Chuck Hammond will be serving as Field of Hope’s Board President this year, but his involvement with Field of Hope began a few years ago. Hammond became a donor to Field of Hope in 2018 after moving to Reno, NV, and becoming acquainted with

‘Tis the Season for Giving

Christmas is often referred to as ‘the season for giving’, and who would we rather give to than our family and friends? I would like to use the acronym GIFTS to help you consider who else you might help this Christmas. Go. Go for